Visit to Selwyn College, Cambridge

Published: April 16, 2024

Picture: Marie Schlenker, Revd Dr Arabella Millbank Robinson and Revd Kate Pwaisiho

In February, MMUK’s Care for Creation Officer, Marie Schlenker, and Trustee, Revd Kate Pwaisiho, had the honour of visiting Selwyn College, Cambridge, upon an invitation from the chaplain, Revd Dr Arabella Millbank Robinson. The visit aimed to foster dialogue and understanding about the critical issues of coastal hazards and climate change faced by island communities in Melanesia.

Marie and Kate engaged with a diverse audience comprising university students and staff, sharing insights into the pressing challenges faced by communities in Solomon Islands. They shed light on the impact of sea-level rise and associated coastal hazards, such as erosion, flooding and saltwater intrusion, on the lives of the islanders, emphasising the urgency of collective action to address these issues. As a powerful conclusion to the day, Kate Pwaisiho delivered a compelling mini sermon during the college’s Evensong, highlighting the connection between the college and Melanesia and reminding us of our shared commitment to positive change.

As we reflect on this experience, we express our gratitude to Selwyn College and Chaplain Arabella Millbank Robinson for welcoming Marie and Kate and providing a platform for meaningful dialogue on the issues faced by our friends in Melanesia.