Climate Justice

Since 2016 we have been working at ACoM’s request, on climate change awareness and advocacy. As the fifth mark of mission – to strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth – climate justice is embedded across our work and overseen by our Care for Creation Officer.

Melanesia is very vulnerable to coastal hazards and the effects of climate change. Most people in the region live in low-lying coastal areas, which are just few metres above sea level. Due to sea-level rise, island communities in the region have been severely affected by coastal flooding, shoreline erosion, and saltwater intrusion in recent years, threatening food and water security in rural areas. In addition, the region experiences on average two to three tropical cyclones per year, which have frequently resulted in severe damage to housing and infrastructure.

In the face of climate change, sea-level rise will continue to exacerbate coastal hazards in the region and warmer water temperatures will likely increase the severity of tropical cyclones in the future.

Walande Island – watch our film about this disappearing island on our YouTube channel.

I have come to the UK to share the plight of people in the Pacific, suffering from the impacts of climate change. Many are having to abandon their homes, villages and islands due to increasing sea levels, unpredictable weather patterns and increased air temperature. Many communities are struggling to adapt to these changes, with limited relocation options, resources or support. As a region with a relatively low carbon footprint, we seem to be paying a heavy price for rest of the world’s over development and wastefulness.

– Former Archbishop of Melanesia, George Takeli:

Adapting to Climate Change

MMUK and ACoM are establishing Environment Observatories across Melanesia to help communities understand and adjust to climate change. These projects will:

  1. Monitor and record environmental changes 
  2. Create a knowledge basis for comprehensive climate change and environmental policy and its implementation across the Province
  3. Increase awareness about environmental degradation and climate change 
  4. Increase scientific literacy among participating communities and organisations
  5. Inform and encourage stewardship of the environment and its resources 

Currently these are 10 sites across Solomon Islands, with plans for further sites in Solomons and in Vanuatu. Each site costs £100 to establish, with minimal ongoing running costs. MMUK also part funds ACoM’s Environment Observatory Project Officer, who helps communities set up their observatories and collates the data from the sites.

For more information about this project visit the Anglican Church of Melanesia Environment Observatory.

Kindly keep this project in your prayers and consider making a donation to help establish more sites.

Raising Climate Awareness

To raise awareness of climate change in Melanesia, MMUK has made a number of films available to watch here and developed a range of downloadable school materials that can be viewed here.