Revd Sr Veronica Reports from Safe Church Commission & UK Visit

Published: May 28, 2024

Earlier this year, Revd Sr Veronica attended the Anglican Communion’s Safe Church Meeting in Kuala Lumpur and then visited her community, previous parish and friends in the UK.

From 29th January to 2nd February 2024, the Members of the Safe Church Commission of the Anglican Communion had a meeting in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. This group meets monthly on Zoom, but at other times meets face to face. We are international and from the different parts of the Anglican Communion. Although I belong to an international Religious Order, being a member of the Safe Church is more global. This is really fascinating for me. Also, this group consists of Bishops, ordained and lay members. I am very honoured to be a member of the Safe Church representing the Pacific and Oceania Region, being elected by the Archbishop of the Church of Melanesia.

The reason for meeting in Kuala Lumpur was to prepare for the Conference in September 2024, in Zimbabwe. Although some of the Provinces are well advanced with Safeguarding, most are yet to get off the ground. It is very important that we meet as a group and to learn about how everyone is doing this mission within the Anglican Communion. Although Zoom makes life easier, not all zoom connections are 100% when you are in the Solomon Islands. That Zoom meeting might be affected by rain or windy conditions and so lose the connection or not be connected at all.

Visiting different churches in Kuala Lumpur was a way of meeting Anglican members in the country. Most of us spent two Sundays, and so we were spread around different Churches. We were given an opportunity to preach and talk about ‘Safe Church’. On the second Sunday, I presided and preached, while my colleague talked about ‘Safe Church’. Malaysia is a very interesting country. The population consists of Malaysian, Chinese and Indian people. We tasted different foods from these three communities which was very interesting.

I then came over to the UK for the blessing of our new Mother Superior, Sr Susan. Sr Marguerite Mae, who was our previous Mother Superior, has completed her 5-year term in this role. The new Mother’s blessing gave me the opportunity to be in the UK and to visit the Community, my previous parish and to meet up with my friends. I normally come during summer, but this time it is winter and quite cold for me.  Solomon Islands is always hot and humid. Nevertheless, it is good to be here and to meet with a few people who will be visiting the Solomon Islands this year. 

God bless. 

Rev. Sr Veronica, CSC