2021 Reflections and Aspirations for the Year Ahead

Reflecting on an eventful 2021 and looking forward to 2022, ACoM released a number of addresses over the Christmas period. Here are a few of them.

New Year’s Day reflection by Reverend Dr. Atkin Zaku

“How faithful have we been through 2021 with the responsibilities entrusted upon us on personal, family, community, nation, region and global bases?” – this was the question asked by Reverend Dr Atkin Zaku in his New Year’s Day sermon at the St Barnabas Provincial Cathedral.

Speaking to the hundreds who congregated at the cathedral to welcome in 2022 in church, Reverend Dr Zaku asked the people celebrating the New Year, to reflect on the doings of 2021 and their aspirations for 2022.

Reverend Dr Atkin Zaku  preached: “Whatever responsibilities we were entrusted with in 2021, these were all given responsibilities entrusted to us by none other than the Name Jesus. So have we done them with the authentic power and authority under the Name Jesus?

“The sin of corruption does not involve national issues alone, that involves what we normally termed as millions or thousands or hundreds of dollars or ill-decisions of high levels. The sin of corruption involves as little as 10cents within our own families. The little decisions we make in the affairs within our communities that interferes and denies improvement and progress of community life socially, religiously and economically.”

Reverend Dr Zaku also asked “With these responsibilities, have we held them with total love, mercy and grace? If we have done so, we would be a family and community of social, political and economic abusive-free. We would be a family and community of hatred-free. We would be a family and community of discrimination-free. We would be a family and community of acceptance and toleration of each other,” he said.

Reflecting on the past year we should be able to see our failures and weaknesses and make new resolutions for 2022. But we cannot do these if we forget the Name Jesus. Today we are called to a New Year resolution, to seriously consider and reflect on the Name Jesus with all our hearts, with all our souls and with all our bodies. There is no half-truth in the Name Jesus. There is no half-power in the Name Jesus. There is no half-life in the Name Jesus and there is no half-love in the Name of Jesus. Total life, love, power and truth is found and can only be found and experienced in the Name Jesus,” he said.

This comes to us with God’s blessings – a promise in return for our pronouncement of his Name. Only then as God commanded Moses to bless the people, as read in the book of Numbers 6:22-27, can also be applicable to us.

That blessing says: ‘May the Lord bless you and take care of you. May the Lord be kind and be gracious to you. May the Lord look on you with favour and give his peace’, Reverend Dr Zaku concluded.

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