The Melanesian Mission plays a key role developing partnerships between those from the Anglican Church of Melanesia and the Church of England.

Historically the Mission would send missionaries from the UK to work with the church in the region for years at a time. Today the charity sends more and more people on short term placements from just a few weeks to one to two years.

School Partnerships (twinning) are a major project for the Melanesian Mission today. We have schools in Chester, Blackburn and Exeter Dioceses linked with schools across Melanesia. These partnerships are enabling the children to experience cross cultural learning, as well as supporting teachers through learning resources and other skills.

The charity enables church workers from Melanesia to share their life, faith and experiences with a UK audience. Study programmes, missions to the UK and long term placements for clergy all help build relationships and share the Gospel. We can also offer placements / sabbaticals for UK church workers in Melanesia. The youth and vibrancy of the Church of Melanesia has much to offer.

If you would like more details on any of these areas, please contact the charity.

Gap Years

Project Trust

Thinking about a gap year in Melanesia?

With over 50 years’ experience of providing Gap Year opportunities for 17-19 year old school leavers, Project Trust is our official partner for arranging placements at church schools in Melanesia.