Prayer Diary - Week 1

Prayer Diary - Week 2

Pray for the Anglican Church of Melanesia across the nine dioceses and all the staff at the Provincial Head Office in Honiara. For Dr Abraham Hauriasi, the General Secretary.
For the New Zealand Trust Board and its directors, as they support the Anglican Church in Melanesia.
For the work of the Melanesian Mission UK in Prayer, People and Giving.

For the Diocese of Temotu and Bishop Leonard Dawea. For all the staff working at the Headquarters at Lata.
For Revd Hillary Anisi and the Missions to Seafarers, through their centres in Honiara, Noro Port in the Western Province, Lata in Temotu and Port Vila in Vanuatu.

For the Society of St Francis throughout the world, including Melanesia. We give thanks for the 33 Brothers and 20 Novices in nine Friaries, and for their work with unemployed young men.
We pray for the greater care of creation and give thanks for the life and inspiration of St Francis.
For communities affected by climate change and pray for protection from unscrupulous mining and logging.

For the Diocese of Ysabel, Bishop Ellison Quity and the staff at the Diocesan Headquarters at Jejevo, Buala. For the new church secondary school being built on the island.
For volunteers from UK, Australia and New Zealand who share their skills in Melanesia. For projects, which are driven by the needs of Melanesians.

For the Diocese of Vanuatu & New Caledonia, Bishop James Ligo and the staff at the Diocesan Headquarters in Luganville on the island of Santo.
For the generosity of supporters providing school scholarships, enabling students to complete their education.

The Community of the Sisters of Melanesia and their work with women throughout the islands. For Head Sister Annie and Assistant Head Sister Jessy and the 49 Sisters, 28 Novices and 17 Aspirants working in six households, including the new Household in Vanuatu.
For a greater understanding of Human Rights to promote stability and respect within communities, to love thy neighbour.

The Diocese of Malaita, Diocesan Bishop Sam Sahu and Assistant Bishop elect, Reverend Rickson George Maomaoru, who will be consecrated in October.
For Church schools, rural training centres, the Bishop Patteson Theological College and John Coleridge Patteson University, staff and pupils.

For the Most Revd George Takeli in his role as Archbishop of Melanesia and as Diocesan Bishop of Central Melanesia. For all the staff in the Diocesan Headquarters in Honiara.
For all the different communities in Honiara, that there be a safe and clean environment for all these groups to flourish and come to respect each other.
For the Church’s outreach work in hospitals, Rove prison, women’s issues, climate change relocation programmes and youth conferences.

For the Diocese of Guadalcanal, Bishop Nathan Tome and the staff at the Diocesan Headquarters in Honiara.
Pray for the Provincial Cathedral of St Barnabas, Honiara, and the Dean Davidson Nwaeramo, and all who minister and worship there.

For the Community of the Sisters of the Church and for Sr Veronica in her new position as Provincial Sister for the Solomon Islands Pacific Region. We pray for the 40 Sisters, 6 Novices, 6 Postulants and 1 Aspirant in this community.
For the Christian Care Centre and their work on gender based violence with police and community leaders. For Sr Phyllis Sau as the coordinator.

For the Diocese of Central Solomons, Bishop Ben Seka and the staff at the Diocesan Headquarters in Tulagi.
For the shipyard at Taroaniara and all those who travel by sea around Melanesia, including those who work and go on missions aboard the Southern Cross. For the printing press in Honiara.

For the Diocese of Banks and Torres, Bishop Patteson Alfred Worek and the staff at the Diocesan Headquarters in Sola.
For the Mothers’ Union in the Province, their Headquarters in Honiara and their guest houses. For their work on literacy programmes, couples counselling, the Girls Friendly Society, savings clubs and the Positive Parenting Programme. For Mary Vunagi MU President, diocesan workers and volunteers.

For the Melanesian Brotherhood in the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, PNG, Philippines and Canada. For the new Head Brother Nelson Bako. For the Companions worldwide working to support this community.
For School Partnerships and the opportunities for children and teachers in the UK and Melanesia to learn from each other.

For the Diocese of Hanuato’o, Bishop Alfred Karibongi and the staff at the Diocesan Headquarters in Kirakira.
For closer Diocesan Links bringing Christians around the world together in Christian Unity. For all those called to be missionaries in the past, now and in the future. For those who have given their life in service to God.