2024 MMUK Pilgrimage for the Ministry to Women in Melanesia

Date: 14th to 17th June 2024
Location: St Hilda’s Way, North Yorkshire

Trustees, staff and supporters of MMUK are making a pilgrimage this June to raise awareness and funds for Gender Equality programmes in Melanesia. In a region where domestic violence is of particular concern, the two women’s Anglican religious orders – the Community of the Sisters of Melanesia and the Community of the Sisters of the Church, have a vital role in educating and promoting women’s rights. The religious communities work together running programmes in villages, offering support and a first point of contact for women in need. They also run safe houses where women and children can take refuge and recover from domestic violence. 

The pilgrimage along the 40-mile St Hilda’s Way in North Yorkshire serves as a powerful symbol of solidarity and prayer for the ministry of these two women’s Anglican communities in Melanesia. The goal of raising £5,000 will further support their impactful work in promoting gender equality and addressing domestic violence.

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Donations via https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/mmuk2024pilgrimage