Bishop Rickson Elected as First Bishop of ACoM’s Newly Established Diocese

Published: June 17, 2024

The Right Reverend Rickson Maomaoru has been duly elected as the first Bishop of the soon to be inaugurated Diocese of South Malaita and Sikaiana.

Bishop Rickson is the current Assistant Bishop of the Diocese of Malaita, serving the people of Southern Regions of Malaita and Sikaiana. The Electoral Board Members of the new diocese elected Bishop Rickson at Tetete Ni Kolivuti (TNK), North East Guadalcanal, Tenaru area this morning.

Bishop Rickson’s diligent efforts and visionary leadership and commitment to this new diocese have played an important role in shaping the path towards the realization of an independent diocese for the region. The formal approval for the creation of the new diocese was granted during the recent general synod held also at TNK in November 2023, acknowledging the unique geographical setup of the region and the need for a dedicated leadership structure to cater to its spiritual needs. The forthcoming inauguration of the diocese in November this year symbolizes a new chapter in the religious landscape of the region and the Anglican Church of Melanesia as she will now have ten dioceses.

Archbishop Leonard, in a statement following the election of Bishop Rickson, emphasized the importance of unity and collaboration amongst members of the church and the wider community in South Malaita and Sikaiana. He called upon all individuals to support Bishop Rickson in his service to the church and the people of God, underscoring the significance of working together towards a shared vision and purpose.

The election of Bishop Rickson as the inaugural Bishop of the Diocese of Southern Malaita and Sikaiana is a testament to his unwavering devotion to his calling and the trust placed in him by the Anglican Church of Melanesia. As the community looks towards the future with anticipation and optimism, Bishop Rickson’s leadership is set to guide the faithful on a path of spiritual growth, unity, and service in the name of God.

Bp. Rickson will be installed as the first bishop of the new diocese during the occasion to inaugurate the diocese in November this year.

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