Women Catechists; Diocese of Malaita

Women’s Empowerment in Malaita Diocese

It is a joy to share with you my story about women’s empowerment in the diocese of Malaita.

For the last three years we have focused on the training on the ministry of Catechists in the church of God. The diocese of Malaita agreed on the formation of Catechists Association to equip and support the Catechist ministry as the foundation for discipleship and evangelism. Furthermore, what is so amazing about the Catechist ministry in Malaita diocese, is that it includes and recognises the importance of Catechist ministry in the Church of God. 

Interestingly, the Catechist ministry is increasingly involving women as well. This year eight women graduated from the diocese of Malaita, including two from the north where the inclusiveness and participation of women in the ministry of Catechist is a challenge. Now these women have graduated with certification and licensed to teach, to preach healing and assist with the chalice during Holy Communion service and also help those who are in need.

This is a way forward in the growth and development of the church in diocese of Malaita in this 21st century, where we recognise women as Catechists in the church of God. I am so pleased to see that women are taking the active roles and responsibilities. I believe the formation of Catechist Association is needed most as a way forward to unite and keep the ministry of Catechist strong and continually sustainable despite the challenges and difficulties faced in the life of the church today. Finally, the acceptance of women to become catechists in the church of God brings about more blessings and changes that create opportunities to encourage more women to come along with men in the mission of the church. We want to see a church that holds together until the end. 

Our prayers will continue to go with you now and forever. Shalom and God bless.

+Rickson Maomaoru, Assistant Bishop
Diocese of Malaita