Pamela Abana with MU Staff & Volunteers
Pamela Abana (in yellow dress) with her Mothers' Union staff & volunteers

The One Voice Project

The Mothers’ Union has been working with World Vision to expand the One Voice Project and we recently held consultation meetings in the Province of Makira.

In September I travelled with Pamela Isarongo and Nicholas Fiula, both from World Vision, to meet with the stakeholders. We held various meetings in Kira Kira on the 1st September, the first one being with the head of the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, John Harara and other relevant staff and stakeholders. An update of the overview of the project was presented by Nicholas and Pamela Isarongo, especially the three KRA, which addresses Medicine supplies, staffing and facilities. We also presented the CVA process in which the project was going to be implemented in the identified communities.  

Later that morning we met with the Anglican Diocesan Mission Secretary Rev. Arthur Abui, the Vice President and four other MU staff members. We covered the same issues as earlier but also emphasised the MU involvement on the CVA activities at community level.

At lunchtime Nicholas and Pamela Isarong delivered the same updates to the Provincial Government representatives, which included the Deputy Premier, the Minister of Health and Medical Services, the Provincial Secretary and the Minister of Agriculture and Lands. This time there was an emphasis on the setting up of core groups where selection of members should align with the ward authority structure in the identified health centres.

On Wednesday 2nd September,a site visit was made to the nearby identified Rural Health Clinics of Maepua and Manasugu by Nicholas and Pamela Isarongo. I took the opportunity to meet with the MU Diocesan staff.

The impact of these three meetings, with all the interested stakeholders and implementers, was very powerful, as they had clearly grasped the nature of the project as well as the roles they are to play during its implementation. Some were very interested in the CVA concept, realising that it is new and is the first of its kind. Significantly they all acknowledged the partnerships (Government, NGOs, CSOs. Communities) established to address health delivery services at rural level.

As the Provincial Mothers Union leader of the CSO implementing this project, I am deeply encouraged by these meetings. I thanked everyone for their participation and for their contributions and I am pleased to say that I have the confidence of their support and am looking forward for the Malaita consultation outcomes.

Pamela Abana, Mother’s Union President