Feast of St Mark - Fr. Nigel Kelaepa, Mission Secretary

The Church needs you and me – sermon for the Feast of St Mark

“COME, the Church needs you and me, all of us,” said Fr. Nigel Kelaepa, Mission Secretary to the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACoM), in his sermon at the feast of Saint Mark at Tabalia, the Headquarters of the Melanesian Brotherhood (Tasiu) located close to Bishop Patteson Theological College (BPTC) Kohimarama, west of Honiara.

Saint Mark is the patron saint of the Chapel at the Melanesian Brotherhood (MBH) Headquarters and the commemoration of the day is usually celebrated with the Admission of new Novices or Bothers, renewal of promises, the release of Brothers, a Holy Eucharist, and feasting and entertainments at Tabalia.

In his Sermon, Fr Nigel reminded the congregation that the goal of Christian Mission is attaining spiritual maturity, for the building up of the Body of Christ, the Kingdom of God, here in Melanesia and beyond in the world.

So, do not wait to see what your spiritual gift will be before joining any church ministry or groups near you. No, the church needs you today. Go and join the Religious Orders, Companions, Catechists, Mothers’ Union, Girls Friendly Society, the Sunday School, Youth and Men’s fellowship, and you will realise the gifts and talents that Jesus gave you,” Fr Nigel told the congregation.

Feast of St Mark

As he concluded his sermon, Fr Nigel said:, “We need everybody in the church to work together. We need captains and navigators, who can direct and guide us to the right fishing grounds, even into deeper waters and uncharted territories. We need fishing masters who can teach us the proper methods for luring and catching more fish. The church needs more spiritually mature leaders, more well-trained fishers of men and women, to help bring in a greater catch into the kingdom of God here on earth

The days program ended with feasting and entertainments.

Feast of St Mark

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