COVID-19 Awareness Training

Resilience course launched by Anglican Alliance & Episcopal Relief & Development

We were delighted to hear that five ACoM participants from the Solomon Islands and one from Vanuatu will be attending this new online course designed and facilitated by the Anglican Alliance and Episcopal Relief and Development. Please pray for the participants and their trainers as they journey together over the next year.

Relief and resilience are one of the Anglican Alliance’s key pillars, with an increasing emphasis on resilience as it becomes ever more apparent how critical resilience is in a world experiencing increasing numbers of disasters.

With Melanesia facing climate change, environmental and natural disasters, and the threat of COVID-19, this course will build a network of Anglican leaders with greater capacity for response and resilience and with better understanding of basic humanitarian concepts.

Dr Janice Proud, Anglican Alliance Disaster Response and Resilience Manager said of the course: “We cannot prevent disasters, nor can we remove all threats and hazards from our lives. But we can increase our resilience to them – our capacity to absorb, mitigate, adjust to and recover from adverse events and circumstances”

Nagulan Nesiah, Senior Programme Officer in Disaster Response and Risk Reduction at Episcopal Relief & Development, added: “Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and in other emergency situations, we have seen that the more resilient a community is and the better prepared it is for a disaster, the better able it is to respond, cope and survive when a crisis hits. We have also seen the power of accompaniers – people who have themselves come through a disaster and offer to walk alongside a community going through one” –.

Read more about the course here; Launching today: our new Resilience course – an invitation to take part.