Recognising & Preparing for Climate Change

Naomi Hovell Maitani

Halo Olketa! My name is Naomi Hovell Maitani and I am from South Malaita in the Solomon Islands.

Climate Change is a global issue but little has been done about it. I resided at Selwyn College National Secondary School for six years (2015-2020) and my interest in climate change issues emerged in 2016. I watched the shoreline while traveling to Honiara from Selwyn College and back and I could tell that the coastline had been eaten away by the waves and tides. This also applies to our other islands in the country. I usually spend my holidays at my home village of Oloha, South Malaita, and the roots of the trees grown at our shoreline have also been eaten away by the waves and tides. It is my hope that the understanding about climate change, its impact and human adaptation to climate change will reach our rural areas. That is to prepare them and to keep them alert and safe.

I met my friend Marie Schlenker in late 2019 when the ACoM Environment Observatory began. We installed a rain gauge, a thermometer, shoreline poles and conducted GPS measurements of shoreline and vegetation positions on the Selwyn College shoreline. When Marie returned to the UK, I continued to help Freda with the shoreline and vegetation recordings. So much has been learnt from the observatory, but there are also many challenges ahead. The observatory gives us the understanding that we need to keep records on weather and assess the shoreline closely to make predictions on sea level rise, weather patterns, hazards and disasters and to create adaptation and mitigation strategies now and for the future. As our islands are mainly low-lying islands and atoll islands, we are highly affected by climate change. Like other Pacific Islands, we need to prepare.

Tankio Paina.

Un Goal 13 - Climate Action

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impact

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