Ini Kopuria, Walk to Holy Island in Northumberland

Commemorations for Ini Kopuria Day

Saturday June 5th 2021

Companions to the Melanesian Brotherhood will be gathering online on 5th June to commemorate the founder of the community, Ini Kopuria. Revd Richard Carter invites supporters to join a number of events on this day. –

It has been our tradition to remember the life of the founder of the Melanesian Brotherhood, Ini Kopuria, by making the pilgrimage across the sands to Holy Island in Northumberland in the footsteps of our own saints, Aiden and Cuthbert. Over the years we have been blessed in this pilgrimage by the company of Melanesian Brothers and Companions. Though we are far away from Melanesia it is a powerful witness to the sea, the elemental forces of nature and the faith which connects us.

“Sadly because of the pandemic we were unable to gather last year as we had hoped, and this year restrictions will still not have opened-up for large gatherings. Nevertheless a small group of us will be following the pilgrim path across the causeway on 5 June, and sharing this experience online.”

If you would like to join the walk to Holy Island at 8am and the Eucharist at 12 noon (BST) online, please contact MMUK for the details.