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Melanesian Brotherhood – April 2021 Update

On the 24th and 25th of April the Melanesian Brotherhood celebrated the feast of the seven martyred Brothers and St Mark’s Day. These two days were marked with the celebration of eucharist, feasting and fellowship with companions, supporters and friends throughout the three regions of the Melanesian Brotherhood in Solomon Islands, PNG and Vanuatu.

On 24th April the Brothers remember the death of the seven brothers who were killed on the Weathercoast of Guadalcanal in 2003. In history it is remembered as one of the darkest events, but also the day of victory for the nation of the Solomon Islands. Their death was not a defeat, but an event which brought resurrection and light, as peace was regained for the people of Solomon Islands (due to the intervention of a peacekeeping forces from across the Pacific – RAMSI). Happy are those who work for peace for theirs is the kingdom of God.

Melanesian Brotherhood Novices
Novices Admitted

On 25th April, St Mark’s Day the chapel at Tabalia celebrates its Patron. It is also the day in which the aspirants are admitted into novitiate and the senior novices to become professed brothers. This year, the seven sections within the region admitted eight novices each, which gives a total of 56 first year novices within Solomon Islands region.

Melanesian Brotherhood Admitted Brothers
Newly Admitted Brothers
Melanesian Brotherhood Brother Martin
Brother Martin

At Tabalia the central headquarters of the Melanesian there were thousands of companions, relatives, friends and supporters of the Brotherhood, who comes from every corner to have fellowship with the Brothers for the weekend. Some even there for a whole week. During the evensong on 24th of April, they witness the admission of eight aspirant and the ordination of Br. Martin Luza to the office of the diaconate. Br. Matrin comes from Russel Islands in the diocese of Isabel. On St Mark’s (25th April), the day began with the admission of three novices as professed Brothers by the Vicar General of the diocese of Central Melanesia The Rt Rev Alfred Hou.

At Fox Section Headquarter Poronahe, in the Diocese of Hanuato’o, the activity on Sunday went on till late in the evening. People travelled from near and far from the corners of Makira Island, and even from the outer islands of Santa Ana and Ulawa. It was a day of celebration and fellowship commented one of the teachers at Waimapuru NSS.

The Melanesian Brotherhood through these events pulls people from every corner, to come and have fellowship together. With no attractive material riches, but yet it attracted people to its event. The only gift the MBH can offer is the value of unity, peace and fellowship. So, in remembering the festivity of the seven martyred brothers, St Mark’s Day and the admission and ordination of these our MBH Brothers, let us all join our hands and be the witness of Christ in the World.

Melanesian Brotherhood Feasting At Tabalia
Feasting At Tabalia

The Brotherhood renders our thanks to the companions, the Anglican Church of Melanesia, the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea, IFI in Philippines, the churches in Australia and New Zealand, the MMUK and companions in UK, friends, supporters and all who support the MBH in kindness.

Revd Br. Nelson, MBH

Revd Brother Nelson

Alphonse Garimae adds: “Thank you to the Anglican Church of Melanesia, friends, supporters and Companions for your trust and confidence for the financial support to MBH which has enabled Br. Nestor Nacionales to complete his studies and graduated on 16 April 2021. We hope he will serve Palawan Diocese in the years to come. We pray for more young men to join the Brotherhood in Palawan.”

Melanesian Brotherhood Brother Nestor
Melanesian Brotherhood Brother Nestor