Icon at Chester Cathedral

ICON to Martyred Brothers Unveiled at Chester Cathedral

The martyrdom of seven Melanesian Brothers in 2003 sent shockwaves through the world church. Attempting to make peace in a violent conflict on the island of Guadalcanal, Brothers Nathaniel Sado, Robin Lindsay, Francis Tofi, Alfred Hill, Ini Paratabatu, Patteson Gatu, and Tony Sirihi were brutally killed. Today, we still remember their sacrifice and reflect on what their example teaches us about Christian discipleship in the modern world.

Chester Cathedral has re-dedicated one of its chapels to commemorate the lives and examples of Christian martyrs from down the centuries. In recognition of the long-standing link between the Diocese of Chester and the Anglican Church of Melanesia, an icon of the seven brothers has been installed in the chapel, together with an altar cross made by the brothers themselves. The icon was painted by the Revd Christopher Perrins and funded by local Companions of the Melanesian Brotherhood.

Icon Received At Chester Cathedral

The icon was received at Chester Cathedral in September, with a short service of prayer and blessing. Pictured are (left to right): John Freeman (Companion), Mark Tanner (the new Bishop of Chester), Jane Brooke (Vice Dean and MMUK Trustee), Tim Stratford (Dean), Barbara Molyneux (Companion), Christopher Perrins, Mike Gilbertson (Archdeacon of Chester and MMUK Trustee), Willie Pwaisiho (Honorary Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Chester and former Bishop of Malaita), and Kate Pwaisiho (MMUK Trustee). 

Ven Mike Gilbertson, Archdeacon of Chester & MMUK Trustee
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