First Community Transmissions of COVID in Solomons

Solomon Islands, Honiara, Main Street

It is with great sadness and concern that we start the year by sharing with you the news that Solomon Islands now has COVID spreading within the islands. In just two days of the first case being identified, the 56-bed ward designated for COVID cases in Honiara is nearly full of patients, and further contact tracing is being undertaken across the islands. With only 8% of the population having received two doses of the vaccine and many people traveling after their Christmas breaks, there is a great concern for the spread of the virus. Honiara is in lockdown until Saturday and the new school year will now not begin next week.

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Please pray for Solomon Islands as they face this ordeal.

Lord, we bring to You our concerns for the people of Solomon Islands,
as they face their first wave of COVID infections.

We pray for the medical staff with limited facilities,
as they treat the infected and continue to look after all in their care.

We pray for those who are fearful of the coming days
and those who are afraid of having the vaccine.

And ask that truthful messages are shared across the islands to keep people healthy, safe and calm.

We remember the children missing out on the beginning of their school year
and for businesses that have to shut during the lockdown.

Lord, bring Your healing to the people of Solomons, so that they may weather this pandemic.