Environment Observatories – April 2021 Update

ACoM’s Environment Observatories programme is now in its second year. Lessons learnt from the four test sites are being reviewed, and new sites being identified for an expansion of the programme.

Selwyn College Environment Observatory Student Training

On the first anniversary of the programme, back in December, participants gathered to share their experiences, challenges and successes. You can read more here on the programme’s new website Anglican Church of Melanesia Environment Observatory.

Just after Easter Form 1 students at Selwyn College successfully completed the ACoM Environment Observatory Short Training facilitated by Friian Quai.

Students learnt how to collect data on environmental change in their local environment, including daily measurements of temperature, rainfall, and water levels, as well as observations of long-term shoreline variability.

In the future, student groups at Selwyn College will apply the skills they learnt during the training course to monitor the environment around the school and contribute to increasing our understanding of climate change and its related issues in Solomon Islands.

Selwyn College Environment Observatory Student Monitoring

ACoM is currently seeking funding to roll out the programme to the most environmentally at-risk parishes in the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. Please pray that funding comes forward for this important programme.