Community of the Sisters of Melanesia

Community of the Sisters of the Church – February 2021 Update

In early February UK Associates and supporters held their first joint online service with the Community of the Sisters of Melanesia.

A report from the CSM Administrator, Flory;

Welcome Associates.

First and foremost, thank God for bringing us together as Associates and supporters in mission and team work, serving our God through the work of the Church and the work of the Sisters of Melanesia.

I would like to thank The ACoM General Secretary – Dr. Abraham Hauriasi, the IT person in Charge, Mr. Julian and the Communication Officer Mr. Aldrin for providing access to the Conference Room to make this call. For without them, this event would not be possible.

Associates, we are honored to have the pleasure to join you to talk about the Chapel Development and other news from CSM.

The Chapel Development

The Chapel has been planned since 2018 through a committee of five Sisters, four Lay people and the CSM Chaplain, who meet monthly.

For the first two years, the committee focused on fundraising drives, through envelope giving, ACoM Grants, and oversee donations from the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Fund, MMUK, UK Associates, Anglican Aid Australia and other individuals, totaling SD$773,543.02 – around £70,000.00.

With regards to the major construction, we are still waiting upon the detail list of material break downs for the Chapel. The architects have informed the Chapel Committee, that the Chapel will need a steel frame. That will cost more money, but due to the site location on the hill, it needs to be well constructed. We estimate another SD$200,000 to complete the project (£18,000).

So far, we have completed the demolition stage and by March, when we hope the rains will lesson, the major construction work on the building will begin. We assume that almost 50% – 60% of the chapel will be completed this year.

Thank you once again for all your support for this project.

We estimate another SD$200,000 to complete the project (£18,000)


New Chapel Appeal for The Community of the Sisters of Melanesia

Other News

3rd Year Novices in two groups undertook their field work practical in the Diocese of Ysabel, in Russell Islands and in Bugotu Districts in Ysabel.

Kia Associates in Ysabel Diocese are currently planning a new CSM Household in Kia. The proposed Household has been discussed and endorsed during the past CSM General Conferences. I am pleased to be part of this Household Development Committee.   

Due to demand for the mission of the CSM, The Head Sister has been requested by the Bishop of the Southern Region in Malaita to be part of his annual Episcopal tour to visit another proposed site for another Household. Continue to pray for this event.


One of the main and important needs of the Community is for additional training The CSM is thankful for the invitation initiated by the Melanesian brotherhood to train three CSM reps to further their knowledge and skills on tutoring and Literacy Skills for the training of Novices. The Novices in training will start their first term classes on 9th February, with a retreat to be held on Monday 8th February.   The aim of the Literacy training Program is to help the Novices to be able to read, write, and further their knowledge with other Biblical & theological courses in equipping them for their future Mission of the Church.

The Associate Handbook, The Sisterhood Office book and the Constitution of the CSM is currently under review. Please continue to pray for the review committees.      

Once again Associates and supporters, thank you for your time and patience. May God continue to bless us in our works and mission in supporting the work of the CSM and the Church, in building up the Kingdom of God here on earth.

Tagio Tumas

Flory, Community of the Sisters of Melanesia