Christian Care Centre - Auki
Christian Care Centre - Auki

Community of the Sisters of the Church – December 2020 Update

Sr Doreen CSC reports from the new Christian Care Centre in Auki, which will be officially blessed in May 2021, delayed due to COVID-19.

The Malaita Christian Care Centre exists for the glory of God and to express the healing love of Jesus Christ to victims of domestic violence – women, girls and abused children. The Centre is staffed by Sisters of the Church and supported by the Associates of the Sisters of the Church. It has four core functions and responsibilities:

  1. To provide pastoral counselling, a safe home and care for abused women, girls and children, from all churches and faiths, who have been victims of violence, physical and sexual abused by perpetrators.
  2. To provide educational, life skills activities and programs for those it cares for, preparing them for future sustainability in their livelihood.
  3. To provide male advocacy awareness programs, counselling, care, educational, awareness, life skills activities for the community general public including the perpetrators, to uphold respect for women, girls and children, so that love, peace, harmony and trauma healing prevail again in their families and the Communities.
  4. To promote a clean and shine environment, uphold professional competence and quality services to its clients.

The Centre provides accommodation for the victims and we also raise awareness and do advocacy.  The violence against women and children is very high in this Province, as well as sexual violence against children.

This year in 2020, we have undertaken advocacy activities in seven villages in and around Auki, and these activities will continue next year reaching out to more rural villages, where most perpetrators reside.  The Bride Price in this Province is a huge challenge and linked to domestic violence, because the husband thinks he completely owns the wife and he can do anything he wishes.  The advocacy team consist of Police Officers, Chiefs, Pastors, Lawyers, Associates and Sisters, who joined together to run these programs this Province.  It has been very successful with different professionals in the team. Here are some of the questions we have been able to address:

  1. What does the law say about Domestic Violence?
  2. What does the culture say about Domestic Violence?
  3. What does the Bible or the Church say about Domestic Violence?
Srs Lilyan Mary & Doreen CSC
Srs Lilyan Mary & Doreen CSC

Sr Doreen, Community of the Sisters of the Church (CSC)

Other News From The Community

Sr Noelyn Vuta of the Community of the Sisters of the Church (CSC) graduated with a Diploma in Theology with Distinction at Mano Wandrokal STM, Tasia, Ysabel on Thursday 19th November 2020. She scooped all the departmental prices and was also awarded the Dux prize for 2020. Sr Noelyn will now continue her studies at BPTC.

Sr Noelyn comes from the Island of Ambae in the Diocese of Vanuatu & New Caledonia. Congratulations Sister Vuta!


Sisters have now gone on their Christmas mission to Ysabel. Revd Sr Veronica writes that in their program they will cover:

  • CSC History
  • Advent teaching and dramas
  • Stewardship of the Environment
  • Forgiveness and Reconciliation
  • Lighting of Candles
  • Christian Battle and Spirituality
  • And the drama will be the birth of Christ

Revd Sr Veronica, Community of the Sisters of the Church (CSC)