Newly admitted to the Community of the Sisters of Melanesia
Sr. Alice, Sr. Matilda, Sr. Grace, Sr. Lovelyn, Sr. Emily, Sr. Evelyn and Sr. Cathy

Community of the Sisters of Melanesia Report – July 2019

Dear associates, friends and supporters of the Community of the Sisters of Melanesia

Greetings from the Sisters, Novices, Chaplain, staff and children living with the sisters. Through January to the end of the month of June we have a few updates to inform you of regarding the mission, ministry, life and service here.

The below briefly reports on the life and ministry, statistics, events and training undertaken.

The Community is glad to have the newly Elected Archbishop as Spiritual Father. We look forward to his enthronement and working together with him.

This year the intake of seventeen novices increased the population of the community, to 50 Sisters and 48 Novices. We have 7 novices admitted as professed sisters (shown above) and 17 aspirants admitted as first year novices during the feast of Pentecost, which was held on June 9th 2019.


The table below shows the number of sisters and novices serving in the households within each country;

CSM Statistics Table July 2019
The statistics record five households in which the training headquarters is included and one which is located in Papua New Guinea that is yet to be officially opened.


The Community of the Sisters of Melanesia continues to post sisters to the households where an outreach mission programme is held. This year sisters were also sent to North West Guadalcanal at West Vaturaga during the Lent & Holy Week to Easter Celebration to conduct teaching and also during weekends in visiting people through the surrounding communities.

Apart from those postings and missions in Solomon Islands, we have three sisters serving in the dioceses of Banks and Torres (DOBT). Unfortunately, we are left with two sisters as one is already released. That does not mean the end, the two sisters worked their best to fulfil ministerial demands in that particular diocese. Part of the co-objective under article 2 clause 3 of the community constitution is to assist youths, and I believe the diocesan mission offices are expecting more mission outreach in the field.


Training is the foundation in building up capacity to empower the work of the sisterhood, and it’s of great need in order to fulfil its goal in the mission and ministry. As usual we continue with the community training of novices this year and include some additional home skills and other activities as part of their training based on self-reliance. However, we need training material, especially for design and printing equipment, cooking and floral guides. We have been involved raising funds for these.

Three sisters continue to do their theological studies, one in Tasia and the other two at St Nicholas extension (BPTC).

Upcoming event

The Community of the Sisters of Melanesia is looking forward to the CSM Council which takes place this year in September 2019. Nomination of new candidacy for the post of Head Sister and her Assistant to be elected next year in the General Conference should be forwarded during the council. We seek your prayer assistance.

Apart from this event, the community is now looking forward for the General Conference next year in September 2020, which will coincide with the 40th anniversary celebration since the establishment of the community. We hope some of you will attend this very important event as we make this open invitation for all.

Community Projects

Chapel Project

We acknowledge the support all of you have given – we now hold a balance of $278,697.80 SBD. Thank you UK Associates and supporters for the amount of £1,000.00 towards the Chapel. However we continue to issue further appeals to our surrounding diocese in aid of this chapel building and we hope to reach the amount of $500,000.00 SBD to start on the work.

Solar Project

The community would like to also acknowledge the support you have all made to the community in funding our solar lighting. We still need solar lighting for the class room and the Aspirants. We acknowledge £600 donated by UK Associates and supporters and $1,000.00 AUD donated by Pru from Australia. This will go towards the remaining building – the Aspirants house costing $5,511.20 SBD and the class rooms, $15,661.40 SBD.

I would like to sincerely thank you all for your continuous encouragement and financial support rendered to the community since November up until now – especially for: novices lunches; staff training; and other staff support.

We will continue to work alongside you through our mission and ministry for the kingdom of God here on earth.

God bless UK Associates, Supporters and Friends and God bless the Community of the Sisters of Melanesia.