Community of the Sisters of Melanesia – December 2019 Update

Community of the Sisters of Melanesia New Chapel Plans
Community of the Sisters of Melanesia New Chapel Plans

Dear Associates, Friends and supporters of the Community of the sisters of Melanesia Greetings from the sisters, Novices, Chaplain, staff and children living with the sisters. In this regard, we have some updates to inform you with regards to the mission and ministry, life and service of the Community of the Sisters of Melanesia. As stated in my June Report, the community current population is up to 48 Novices and 50 sisters. However one sister have released during the feast of St. Stephen Taroniara and the Martyrs of Melanesia so now we have 49 sisters. From June up until now there are girls coming to observe and now they have submitted their applications to join as aspirants next year. The Community is expecting more girls to arrive in the couple of months time.

Chapel Project
We acknowledge the support all of you have given which contributed to the amount of $295,298.50 in balance. Thank you UK Associates and supporters and supporters in Australia.

UK Associates are keen to help the community progress their plans for a new chapel, which they have needed for quite a while. Here is a film which was shot in 2016 showing the condition of the chapel at that time.

Solar Project
The Community would like to also acknowledge the support you all made to the Community in funding the solar lighting. We still to have solar lighting for the Class room and the Aspirants. Thank you UK associates and supporters.

The Community have three classes with five staff and two sisters as additional staff. These two sisters have completed their certificate studies at the Bishop Patterson Theological Education in Distance mode and are waiting for their graduation this month.

As usual, each of the Households have their own programs which they held teachings on various topics on issues and other biblical stories with Christian people. Sisters do more visits with the olds, widows, youth groups and families. Apart from this we have three (3) sisters posted to the Christian care centre to assist women and children brought with many problems.

The Community also received one of our sisters who is in PNG. Sister Marian Shanko forwarded her Report which she presented it to the Provincial Council meeting of the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea. She reports on two parts Firstly; Daily Christians Ministry in the Parish she served-Madang and secondly “The Walkerton Ministry within 5 Parishes in Simbai Dean with its Outstations and Tsendiap Parish in Jimi Dean. We shared her challenges faced by herself which we cannot possibly send other sisters to assist her due to financial implications the Community is facing. However it is our prayer that God will work in His ways to send more sisters to reach out to establish this Household abroad. She highlights “Full maintenance of the sisters’ convent, admitting new novices and ministries to reach in both rural and remote places” as purpose of the fundraising drive she did in 5th July to 10th August 2019.

The Community of the sisters of Melanesia have nominated the following candidates in reparation of the coming Election of new Leaders during the General Conference next year in September 2020.We hope to see some of you to attend this very important event. In your own time please remember the Election of the Community which will takes place next year.

This month the Sisters and Novices are preparing for the Christmas Mission in the Tasimboko Parishes in East Guadalcanal – Diocese of Guadalcanal. They will present teachings and dramatize the birth of our Lord. In your prayers remember them.

This year we recorded few visits of our Associate Rev. Cate Edmonds, Ms Elizabeth and other guest attending the MBH great conference in Tabalia. The Community indeed so honoured to receive these well hearted friends and our supporters coming. It shows us the heart and respect you have towards this Community. We look forward for more visits in the future or maybe some of our Community members make some visit to associates and supporters abroad one day according to the time and will of God.

Community of the Sisters of Melanesia