Adam Bobbette - Climate Change Observatories 03

Climate Change and the Church

Adam Bobbette - Climate Change Observatories 02Our latest film – ‘Climate Change and the Church’ premiered at the charity’s AGM and Festival Day earlier in the month. Outgoing Trustee Ven Chris Liley caught up with Selwyn College PhD student Adam Bobbette on his return to the UK after a month-long research trip to the Solomon Islands. Adam was inspired to travel to Melanesia, after hearing the Most Revd George Takeli speak at Selwyn College last year, about the devastating effects of climate change across the Pacific.

In the film Adam explains a potential new role for the church in recording climate change using the 2,000 parishes across the province.

Adam says: “We don’t need to send people to the region to tell Melanesians about the changes in their weather patterns and coastal erosion. They are there already noting these changes themselves.

“What the problem is, is that no one is recording and logging these changes. The church can play a role here, gather all this information from their congregations and send it to the Anglican Church of Melanesia’s headquarters. This information can then be used by governments and international bodies to get a better picture of what is going on in the region.”

It is hoped that this project will be adopted by the Anglican Church of Melanesia’s Council of Bishops in November, and booklets for recording this data, designed, printed and distributed early in 2019.

The Melanesian Mission UK is very grateful to Adam and also to Selwyn College, Cambridge for funding Adam’s research project and travel to the region.

If you would like to support this project (the printing and distribution of the booklets, and the collation of data in 2019), please reference your donation to the charity ‘Church Observatory’.

Please pray for this project.

O God of land, sea and sky hear the cry of your people,
for homes and livelihoods destroyed by rising seas and warming earth;
caused by ignorance, apathy and selfish greed.

Inspire all people of goodwill to work for change of hearts and minds,
so that loving respect and valuing all creation may increase awareness of the wonderful gift of the world and its life.

We pray that you will enable us to overcome all that destroys and pollutes and build a world where all life is sacred,
and the earth enriched for all its inhabitants and those yet to be born.

In the name of the one who promised life in all its fullness
through sacrificial love, Jesus Christ our Lord.