Right Revd Ben Seka

Bishop Ben Seka Retires as Bishop of Central Solomons

In December, the Right Revd Ben Seka, Bishop of the Diocese of Central Solomons officially laid down the diocesan Pastoral staff, that was originally handed to him when he was consecrated Bishop of the diocese on 20th February 2011. Bishop Ben was the second Bishop of the diocese succeeding the late Bishop Charles Koete.

The Archbishop of Melanesia, the Most Revd Leonard Dawea in his acknowledgment speech after the ceremony, thanked Bishop Seka for his enormous contributions to the ACoM as a Priest and Bishop.

Bishop Ben participated in various provincial decision-making bodies of the Church including the General Synod, Executive Council, Council of Bishops (CoB), Diocesan and Provincial electoral boards. Given his heavy involvement in these important decision-making bodies, it is not hard to see the extent of Bishop Ben’s influence in the life of the ACoM over the last 11 years,” the Archbishop said.

Right Revd Ben Seka

During the laying down of the Pastoral staff, the Retired Bishop said; “In compliance with the requirements of the Laws of the Anglican Church of Melanesia, I do hereby relinquish the authority vested upon me as the Diocesan Bishop of Central Solomons, by laying the Pastoral staff of this diocese on the Altar of this Diocesan Cathedral.”

To my diocesan staff who have been with me in the past and those who have just came into the diocese, we have shared, worshipped and celebrated together in the past 11 years. I thank you for your unceasing love and support in one way or the other. It’s time for me to move so that another Bishop will come and continue the work that God has chosen him to carry on.”

The Archbishop calls on the whole church to pray for Bishop Ben and his family as they take on a well-deserved retirement.

Bishop Seka will be succeeded by Revd Stephen Koete (Bishop-Elect) who will be consecrated bishop on 27 February 2022. The Archbishop will be the supervising bishop of the diocese during this period of transition.

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