The Anglican Church of Melanesia is focused on mission. Through the spreading of the word of God and sharing their faith through their actions, the Anglican Church across Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and New Caledonia continues to grow. To resource the work amongst young and old, men and women, rural and urban communities, the church needs funds to carry out its mission.
Donations given to the Melanesian Mission in the UK go directly to the Anglican Church of Melanesia. Administrative costs of the Mission are covered by income from historical investments.
Each year around £40,000 is sent as a grant to enable the Anglican Church of Melanesia to help meet its priorities for mission. This money comes from individuals, churches and schools. The money is sent in this way, to enable the church to set budgets and plan its work each year.
In addition to the grant, further money for specific projects is sent when available. This ranges from, funding training courses, ensuring clean water supplies, scholarships, resources for libraries, and emergency funding during times of disaster.
There are a number of ways to give to support the work of the charity:
By Standing Order Please contact the Charity for more information
By cheque, payable to The Melanesian Mission, posted to The Melanesian Mission, 21 The Burlands, Feniton, Honiton, EX14 3UN

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